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The Evil Option – Short Story by Shaheed Ullah

The evil option
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I have seen many people with strong opinions. One group upsurges their opinion while the other group is razed by someone. Despite these two categories, I am neither in the group first nor in the second no exaggeration. The main objective in this piece of writing is about my subject or I may say the issue of many students (Math or Biology) selection for the first year, grade 11th but something went wrong with me unpretentiously.

I was perplexed by the fact that I am a biology expert and opted for Mathematics to prepare for a career as a software engineer or IT professional but on the day of the interview, my father changed my discipline to biology, and I unexpectedly became a fictitious doctor. Finally, I have discovered the clashes between knowledge and interest, you may have a lot of information, but you probably don’t care, that simply shows your negative interest level.

Processor accuracy depends upon how much time and how many programs running hidden in the tray of the taskbar have been terminated or ended in a computer system. All these affairs explained that there must be some solid reasons behind my interest in computers, and yes, of course, I am a biology expert after 10 years of green science study, while I love to do complicated tasks with little computer use. I don’t know much, but my field is engineering. I annoyed many of my friends with such a sentence. Brothers usually recall the facts and figures that I was used to sharing with them in the past few years, but I do not take these appreciations dead seriously to alter my future.

the evil option

Not only is this my problem, but there are thousands of students forced to choose a subject on their parents’ behalf and this ethnic culture has signed a career failure paper. In other words, they will study for their parents, not for their careers or future. This problem is more evident in Asian countries, as the career and area of interest of a child are predicted on the day of birth, which is nonsense. An individual may do wonders in the field of his interest and will surely waste time in the field of his parents’ interest, this case may be the opposite but very little.

In developed countries i.e., Europe and the US, students are analyzed through psychological and interest tests for their careers. The interest test is a psychometric test that evaluates the abilities of a child from various angles. It distinguishes the many different skills and inclinations in a person. This provides a single profile that helps understand the change, strengths, and aspects that need to be supported and improved.If we start taking this matter into consideration, we may produce scientists, researchers, and other professionals, we hope to alter history and turn the slope. May God make us perfect in such a field that is entirely held by the benefits and support of mankind. (Ameen)

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