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Equitable Share – Short Story by Shaheed Ullah

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Quoting from somewhere that a man is ungrateful for what he has and wishes for that which he has not. This is most likely true in fresh practice nowadays and faradays. Mortal is always uncomfortable and hastily runs to get high as much as possible but, unfortunately, many fail to touch that height as in reality they do not deserve it. Alhamdulillah! I am very grateful to almighty Allah who has gifted me with the art of writing. Some people are good at poetry, they speak without any interruption but fail to write even a few sentences while someone like myself will think for hours and not going to produce but just a little piece of poetry.

            Dictionaries are filled with synonyms and thesauri but in my dictionary, the word without feeling has no meaning. It does not mean that all the words must be compared with this unusual criterion, it is just for the fervent writing.

             The polar weather is going to elicit a magnificent thread of words and elucidate the very most romantic feeling I ever had. It is the night of a busy day, tense and emotional but the surroundings challenged me to write about the coldest weather.

The fog is such intense that shade fades from the person discussing an extremely sensitive matter and the one disguising himself to do some wonders. The too-cold puff of ±2 made a normal person into a smoker when one exhaled. It was obvious that he expired the cigarette smoke, and inhaled a bit earlier. The prior one might need nothing to wish for except a warmer coat or more precisely said to be a blanket. In this weather, someone might be in search of the bright, lightening moon of him but she might have been stolen by the fog around her. The fairy or false tales will make you feel quite a warmth despite such injustice of temperature but in real practice, it may take more than a touch to remain hot in the chilliest breeze.

Equitable Share - Short Story by Shaheed Ullah

A person unknowingly speaks very harshly, breaking his fellow’s heart and then apologizing for the trouble he had just made. Apart from it and against it, a special one may meet someone else’s fellow and surely get a chance of careless disrespect but at the same time he gets a big fish, so it is fifty-fifty.

The expression of feeling is very difficult and challenging but also very much interesting as it is not the job of everyone, so signing out.

(Written on 29th – Dec – 2019; 11:30 PM night).

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